Image by Bastian Fischer

Vicky Markolefa is a visual storyteller and media expert with international experience, based in between Greece and Germany. Her projects have received recognition at international awards, festivals, and exhibitions.

Vicky has worked in over 30 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, the MENA region, and Central America on demanding assignments in communication, reportage, and documentary production. Her portfolio features partnerships with international institutions such as the European Commission and The United Nations Environment Program, media outlets and agencies such Euronews and Bloomberg, as well as leading organizations like WWF and Medesins Sans Frontieres. 

In 2016, she co-founded the award-winning creative team Mind The Bump Productions where she works as a documentary director and producer. In 2018, she joined BULB Photos / Balkan Collective as an International Fellow Honoris Causa. In 2021, she founded WomenPhotoGR the first online community in Greece dedicated to promoting equal participation of photographers. 

Highlights & Awards



The Last Fisherman

Nomination: Best International Documentary | ALTFF 2018 – CANADA

Semi Finalist: Rome Independent Prisma Film Awards 2018 – ITALY


EGEO – The sea for me

Best International Short Film - GeoFilmFestival 2020 - ITALY

Best Ecological Documentary Award  | Short Cuts Film Festival 2018 – SERBIA

Festival Award – Ierapetra International Documentary Festival 2018 – GREECE

Semi-Finalist – A Rebel Minded Film Festival – USA


Excision documentary

Best film – Mediawave Film Festival 2016.

Best Gender Equality Film – 2015 Bilbao International Film Festival.

2nd Best Documentary – DOCFEST 2014.

Best Music Award – LGFF 2014.

2nd Prize – Ierapetra International Documentary Festival 2014.

Nomination Best Film, MiradasDoc International Documentary Film Festival 2014.


  1. Conservation of Marine Turtles in the Mediterranean Region (working title, in progress), Greece, Tunisia, Turkey, Albania - Direction, Production, Script, Filming by Mind the Bump Productions 

  2. Indigenius Loci – in-progress, Greece, Direction, Filming, Script by Mind the Bump Productions 

  3. The Last Fisherman, 2018, Greece, Direction, Script by Mind the Bump Productions 

  4. EGEO: The sea for me, 2017, Greece, Direction, Script by Mind the Bump Productions 

  5. Education for whom?, 2014 Ghana, Kenya, Greece  Production, script, filming.

  6. Excision, Kenya, 2013 / Producer, research, still photography.

  7. Immersion, Sierra Leone, 2013 / Ass. producer, still photography.

  8. Mission in Vietnam, 2013 / Producer, research, filming, direction, script, photography.

  9. The Outcasts, Ghana, 2012 /  Producer, research, script, still photography.

  10. Mzungu, Rwanda, 2012 / Producer, research, script, photography.

  11. Wuha, Ethiopia, 2012 / Producer, research, script, photography.

  12. Bangladesh: Journey to the land of the forsaken, 2012 / Ass. producer, still photography.

  13. Kyekyewere, Ghana, 2011 / Research, script, photography.

  14. Kuluhiro: Hope, Kenya, 2010 / Research, script, still photography.

  15. Mission in Guatemala, 2009 / Research, script, still photography.

  16. Blood Diamonds, 2007, Sierra Leone / Ass. producer.

Exhibitions / Curation 

Womanhood Is, 2021

The Outcasts | Alleged Witches in Ghana, Vault Theather Athens / Fringe Festival, 2012.

Africa through the eyes of the volunteers, Athens Technopοlis, 2012.